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Ignorance is no defense is a Pastor quote. i added “loud noise” as a reflex response.
Pastor quote above.

A four-part short-video series to document a habitual level of loud neighbor noise for extended periods.

After the video above, the noise subsided for 10 minutes. The PA system was not adjusted. Shot this video and sent it to my neighbor who had just a minute before texted me asking if i can hear the Church noise. Already on it.

The lower noise volume didn’t last long, so the Sheriff non-emergency line was called. The Orange County Sheriff met me at the neighbor’s house (the neighbor adamantly approved of this), agreed on the code violation, and responded at the Church. This helped but required a second call to Sheriff. Five hours of neighborhood disturbing the peace.

Neighbor unhesitatingly allowed me to enter his back yard and go to the chain link fence to shoot the above video.

Ten days later, on December 23, this…our neighbors dealt with this…(video below)…from the public street…

Not every neighbor subjected to the loud noise is a Christian. To disrespect someone else’s peace has a line. Does a religious group get a neighborhood exemption? Week after week, month after month?

Today’s audio and visual aids (videos) support the context.

Being well prepared creates a calm and confidence that every Pastor (even the ones preaching the Gospel according to Walt) needs to walk with.

To be continued…

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