Shark Tank Has Inspired A New Idea For May

Not the Shark Tank.

Shark Tank has inspired a new, simple, idea for May’s posts. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Insight: The only way tomorrow consistently becomes exciting is to find a million ways to make it so. Our handful of big life goals doesn’t change, just the tactics to stay motivated to achieve them – for an entire lifetime.

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  1. Donna, greetings from Chicago. How’s life in Valparaiso? Hope business and being a Grandmother is going better than you had imagined it could.

    Yeah, the anticipation is fun. Since the posts were written a while back, even I’m not sure where this is going… has something to do with seize the day… at least that’s what the “tag” indicates. 🙂

    By the way, that was (is) a big part of the experiment. How do the posts read when the “content” isn’t fresh in my head? …as if I’m reading the post for the very first time… and not emotionally attached since I had just written it.

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