Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer?

They followed their passion, apparently, no matter the cost…

Sometimes, my thoughts here are (intense) reflections of the recent past and (impossible) hopes for the coming day.

It’s been a very rewarding week at The University of Iowa. You could just feel the excitement and energy in the air, everywhere you went.

The teacher sets the tone for the day.

The toughest thing about being a teacher is never seeing the audience again. Never knowing if the excitement led to positive change.

The second toughest thing is knowing that if the audience is bored, the teacher is boring them.

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  1. Why don’t you change that? Find out if your students have made a positive change. All you might have to do is ask. Now that would be an interesting book. We already know the teacher is not boring.

  2. Donna, love hearing your perspective.

    This post contained a metaphor of sorts, “never knowing if you’ve made a difference”.

    If the audience is bored, the teacher is boring them.

    What the post really accomplished (for me) was a personal validation that we rocked the house. We made a huge difference, and we felt it everywhere we turned.

    Four 4-hour sessions, touching about 1,200 people over two days.

  3. If you remember, our first interaction was on a Sunday afternoon. You were greeting me in the line of the dinner buffet, shaking hands of the other attendees, looking us in the eye and calling us by name after you greeted us. Your partner did the same thing.

    By the end of our 3.5 days together, I was overwhelmed and definitely NOT bored. I thought I had a special bond with your partner. But they did not embrace Social Media with the same passion I did. And that’s not a fault. It’s just a fact. So my pursuit of a post-class relationship fell in your lap.

    There were 29 in that class. Some wanted to be there, some didn’t. Trust me when I say that you made a connection, at least with me. You helped fuel my desire to become a leader.

    My “leadership” started with no followers. When I first started my blog (post DI course) I had one reader in 3 days. Me. Tough to be a leader when no one is following. But I kept on. And soon there were readers in Florida. Then Alabama, Indiana and Wisconsin. Ohio and Massachusetts followed. . . I could go on.

    Just know that even though my message sounded like some others, there was still an audience waiting to hear my story my way.

    Trust me, Brother Jeff Noel, we’re listening . . . . and reading . . . . and we’re not bored!

  4. David, you wrote that just the way we rehearsed. HA! Yeah right.
    Anyway, thank you for your kind words.
    And hey, the “if the audience is bored…” line, it’s a personal accountability that I take very seriously, and in the classroom, I refuse to let it happen.
    Your readership is growing because: 1. You embrace social media 2. You have something important to say 3. You have an obvious passion and enthusiasm for customer service.
    Hard to hide enthusiasm.
    PS. The stats tell me people are reading. Listening? Well, the stats don’t say.
    PSS. Who’s got time to be bored anyway? Not me.
    All the best to your Family. 🙂

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