Organize to maximize

Roy Disney magic Kingdom statue bench
There’s probably a story coming about this location. In case there isn’t, the gist is that the fence used to be in front of the bench and Guests had to climb over it.
Empty produce shelves
Empty produce shelves to start St Patrick’s day (yesterday).
stocked produce shelves
Four hours later, empty shelves are back to normal.
"Disney" home office
Setting up Cheryl’s new iMac last night.

Organize to maximize.

Be creative in your pursuit of excellence.

Be flexible too.

i missed an opportunity last night while helping Cheryl set up her iMac.

Awoke at 3:00 AM this morning and sleepily wrote some notes…

In hindsight:

notes to self bout apple training
Last night i neglected purpose versus task. Awoke at 3:00 AM and realized this. Climbed out of bed to type an email to myself so i wouldn’t lose the idea.

Here’s the reality check. Our son (19) was in the next room and i guarantee he would see the way i did it last night and the way i should have done it as vastly different. He also knows that last night’s approach is a poor alternative to delivering over-focused, intentional training.

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