Knowing the truth is dangerous

HP Instant Ink program
HP knows when i need new ink cartridges. i never have to worry about it. Ever. They simply mail them just before i run out.


Homeowner meeting sign
Yesterday this sign went up at our neighborhood entrance. Had completed the form a week ago, but forgot to drop it off. So i took a photo (further down) of the form and emailed it last night. Email would have been a great choice from the start, no?


Pat Sajak
From a TV recording last night. Jungle Pat (Sajak) at the World Famous Jungle Cruise – they were filming here (WDW) the past week.


homeowner picnic form
We were asked to drop it off in the homeowner mailbox, rather than mail it…this saved everyone 50-cents.


ATT notice
Password required? Somehow the stored password wasn’t working and i had created a safari-generated password so i had no idea what it was when i was asked to login last night. i fixed it the old-fashioned way – i created my own..


Knowing the truth is dangerous because once you know the architecture for being organized, you have no good excuse for not being organized.

You have to change if the way you’re currently living is in stark contrast to what it takes to live an organized life.


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