Just before i deactivated my personal Facebook account

Family at Walt Disney World
Family often get only the crumbs of our time and our attention.



You should DEACTIVATE Facebook, the voice in his head repeated….


Family often get only the crumbs of our time and our attention.

A few months ago, just before i deactivated my personal Facebook account, i had an epiphany.

Rather than quit, what about starting over?

Just Family.

And maybe a handful of people i’ve known for 35-50 years who are not family.

To illustrate how desperate i was to fix what was bothering me (not being able to keep up) i don’t have a single Disney colleague on FB.

From over 400 connections to less than 60.

Now i’m able read everyone’s updates, everyday.

The 360 connections that are gone – everyone of them is still my friend, and always will be.

Plus, if you really think about it, Facebook doesn’t define who our friends are, we do.

PS. In the 100+ days since i said i was able to keep up, i’ve found the “victory” hasn’t lasted. i remain challenged to keep up. But at least it feels less overwhelming – i’ll take that.




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