It’s Kind Of Fun To Do The…

Only Jesus Has Influenced Me More
Only Jesus Has Influenced Me More

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. — Walt Disney

Ain’t it da truth!

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  1. I dreamed about inviting 400 middle school youth from all around our Archdiocese and beyond to participate in a day long community service event at our parish. Chris Padgett will be speaking. His morning talk will ask the youth to “Get out of the boat.” To leave their complacency behind and to reach out to others less fortunate. His afternoon talk will be on “Following Mary.” We will be having a food drive for the local pantry and making scarves for the homeless, and rosary bracelets for ourselves. The dream happens December 4th.

  2. Sounds like you, and the others in your community, are doing serious work that matters, that makes a difference and that sets the example for others to follow.

    And what it sounds like, is that you first dreamt it, and then had the choice we all have with our dreams, keep going, or quit.

    December 4 will be a very special dream come true. Keep doing work that matters, and inspiring others to do the same.

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