In One Weekend, The Blog Whisperer Wrote 150 Posts, This Is 149

Mid Life Celebration’s story board…and miles to go before I sleep…

In one long weekend, The Blog Whisperer put a process in place to create space to complete Mid Life Celebration’s big project – the first of many best-selling books. It’s Memorial Day (2011) morning and this is post 149 of 150.

Five daily blogs multiplied by 30 days = 150 posts.

I don’t expect anyone to care. But I do expect you to think, smile or be grateful.

I wake up every single morning, no matter where in the world I am – for 26 straight months – not having a clue what to write, but sitting down and beginning the writing…. Mind, Body, Spirit, Money & HQ.

Thank you for being here as the 27th month concludes.

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  1. Thank you for your gentle and sometimes not so gentle reminders. Your efforts are appreciated.

  2. Patty, 27 months ago the path was flat and easy. All I had to do was write consistently for 100 days. I never knew God would nudge me to keep going, every day.

    I also had no idea what a struggle it would be to be brief: “Would have loved to write a shorter post, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the time.”

  3. My morning……sip of coffee, quick internet glance at the world news, jeff noel blogs. Thank you for changing the landscape of my morning.

  4. Donna, you’re most welcome.
    It feels unusual to read words like you’ve written, and at the same time, it’s absolutely the direction MLC vision is going, to help people look at “balance” and their adult responsibility to be an example and not a warning, that has fueled the journey.
    God has presented an opportunity, with huge responsibility, in front of me, and I have accepted it graciously, humbly, and with the courage of David.

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