If Tomorrow Never Comes

What are your big plans for April? Remember, impossible or big doesn’t mean something no one else has ever done. It’s means impossible or big relative to what you have never done.

Just so you know, I battle every single day with keeping up, prioritizing, postponing and even completely letting go.

And with change, the more you proactively practice, the better you get at it, which feeds your self-confidence, which just keeps helping you.

Not sure if I’ll be blogging tomorrow. Have a best-selling book to finish. April is get it done month.

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  1. Every post is worth a second or third pass. We might miss something. You don’t teach with one lesson. It’s a series of lessons over a lifetime.


    Did you see me wavin? I was the guy on the ground looking up!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, David.
    Your answer aligns with the intent hear.
    People look for a map on how to get someplace.
    The secret no one wants to hear? You have to create your own map, or you get none.

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