Future Disney Speaker Podcast episodes

Disney Keynote Speaker
Branding. Repetition.

Additional ideas, in the form of Disney stories, will round out the first 5-10 episodes.

Also, a short riff on what to expect…just know that instead of business vibrancy, expect to be challenged with having personal vibrancy.

There is no room for the status quo, no tolerance for mediocrity.



Yet in a busy, challenging world, we let things slide simply as a survival tactic.


What we accept by default becomes the standard.

Then people call me and ask if i can help them “Magically” solve their unsolvables.

i’m good, but i’m not a miracle worker.

i do, however, possess the secret formula for world-class organizational vibrancy.

So we meet in the middle.

i offer them the blueprints, they attempt to rebuild.


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