Day number 2,401 (who cares?)

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Not proud of what i did, but i am a firm believer in taking calculated risks. If you wouldn’t consider attending my funeral…


Day number 2,401 (who cares?)

No one.

And few people care about your Facebook updates.

Yesterday was a blogging milestone – 12,000 posts, or, 2,400 consecutive days at five posts a day.

Yesterday was also the day i reached 150 Facebook ‘friends’. Two weeks ago i had 414.




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  1. Craig, it’s interesting to look back on this as it was unfolding. It was definitely the right decision at the time.

    And with time, perspective can change.

    It was either the right thing, an over-reaction, or something that could have been left undone. Hindsight is generally 20-20.

  2. Hindsight is good for that – the revealment of wisdom.
    Regardless of what you decide later on, there’s nothing better you can do than the best decision at the time. 🙂

  3. Thanks Craig. There are times when trying to keep up with less than 60 Family is challenging and “impossible”. Depends on the day.

  4. It’s definitely a “to each his own” thing and also depends on the people you follow. Right now my feet is basically just a newsfeed of Disney stuff, with some friends’ updates sprinkled in. But also, my extended family doesn’t share a ton of personal stuff.

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