How many adults rode their bike to the gig?

School Spring Festival
Roughly 20 booths total.


School Spring Festival
Pie in the face, using teachers and staff as targets to raise money.


School Spring Festival
Business “expo”.


School Spring Festival
Top thrill ride.


The School’s Spring Festival last night was much better than expected. Rode a bicycle due to anticipated parking challenges. Scoped out the business vendors area to see if it feels worth it for next year.

It did.

Pondered these:

  • What makes a business booth stand out?
  • How do you not make people walking by feel nervous about getting spammed with an unwanted “pitch”?
  • What is the driving purpose and desired outcome from a booth?
  • Is the outcome a pipe dream or tangibly within reach?

The clock is ticking. Always.

A year from now will seem like yesterday.




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