Wish we would have done a pinky-swear

Alamo Customer Service
Alamo Customer Service – Called again during Salt Lake City layover. Lakita promised (i insisted she promise) me she’d let the Kalispell Alamo Counter know (sooner rather than later) there are two cans of Bear Spray in the trunk.


Alamo Customer Service
Back in Orlando, the photo download routine begins – 1,400 photos from GNP.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Home sweet home. My desk lamp.


Hurricane Irma path
Hurricane Irma’s path puts us out of harm’s way.


Wish Lakita and i would have done a pinky-swear. Odds are she never called.

Why do i say that?

Go look in your email inbox and tell me how many emails are there.

Most people are overwhelmed by the flow of incoming work.

How do i know?

i’m just like everyone else.

But a few years ago, i transformed my personal communication habits.

Every message i receive gets a response within 24 hours, usually same day, and often within hours.

In the old days, i’d procrastinate and then completely forget.

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