We needed last night’s car ride

American Idol 2018
American Idol 2018, last night, Maddie sang “The Bare Necessities”.


American Idol 2018
Last night was the Disney episode. Katy Perry as Snow White.


We needed last night’s car ride to sort through a couple things.

You didn’t want to come along because it only takes one person to go get the Olive Garden order.

You were thinking it was an inconvenience.

i get it.

The fact we had to drive to an additional 35 minutes round trip out of our way was a gift – the gift of time.

When this goes live, will the two of you be actively engaged in physical activity?

One (not you) knows the long-term effects of a sedentary life.

The other (you) cannot yet comprehend the compound interest of a lifetime of smart and consistent wellness habits.

Being decently organized at home helps you find the time you need to move, rest, and eat well.


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