Wait, you’re kidding me

The Book, Mid Life Celebration next to U of Oregon T-shirt
The book is a resource for our son.

You: You’re kidding, right?

You: I didn’t sign up to get grilled by someone I barely know.

Me: So.

You: So what are you doing. Feels like I made mistake.

Me: Really? A mistake? Interesting. You really think you might have made a mistake? Or, maybe, you’re subconsciously thinking, “Thank God. I’ve been waiting for someone to rub me the wrong way. But in a good way, a refreshing way. A way that might finally help me get unstuck.”

Me: Yeah, i’m good like that. But, please, make no mistake, if you continue, you’re gonna have to commit to working like you are trying to make your Country’s Olympic Team.

Me: No bull crap. Full-on. All-in.

Me: And you have to agree to slow and steady. There will be no forcing speed for a natural process that can’t be hurried.

Me: What this will demand (yes, you heard it, demand) from you is daily all-in commitment. That’s the only way slow and steady works. Most people have never heard of this life hack.

Me: You’re welcome.

You: Speechless and smiling (well, more like grinning).

Me: Breaks into a similar grin, knowing you now have felt what you came here to feel.

Me: Quietly giving thanks to the Universe, God, energy, karma, and every other good thing that is invisible, yet can be tangibly felt.

•  •  •  •  •

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