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Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch at the North end.


Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch at the South end, a second effort, same person.


Unsolicited sales calls
As they walked away from our garage while i came around the opposite end of the house, i  was startled and my blood rushed through my veins. What were they doing at our house without making their presence known?


Three admin issues i dealt with yesterday:

Photo #1: A fantastic Disney Institute (DI) colleague who left DI to contribute at DU (Disney University), is having a “party” in his honor today at 3PM and i’ll be on a plane to Chicago. Not only can’t i be there physically, but a call is also out. He’s been hired by Universal Studios who wants to tap into his 22 years at Disney.

Photos #2-3: An outdoorsman is trained to read his surroundings. Many times it’s simply routine and sometimes it’s a potential matter of survival. The second time i saw the suspicious person, i paused my day and did what any great survivalist would do, make certain he wasn’t a threat to our neighborhood. The first time i saw him he was hours earlier and a mile away at the grocery store and he stood out to me then too.

Photo #4: At dusk, some final yard work. Funny, that white SUV parked by our mailbox was 100% out of place so i watched. It never moved. As i walked some items to the curb for today’s pickup, i was startled to see two adults walking away from our garage. The photo of them was intended to put them on the defensive. i was on defense from not knowing their motive. They knew why they were there but i didn’t. i needed to dilute their advantage and put them on defense. And in the wilderness example, i was potentially vulnerable. i quickly gained an offensive position with a photo of their faces. They were Real Estate agents soliciting business. It ended well (including hugs), but in the moment, i had to follow the survivalist instinct.

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