There are many adults who never tasted this enough

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(photo: We wake up one day and if we’re very lucky, we’ll be happy with our everyday blessings – the ones we’ve spent our life enjoying but maybe took for granted)

Who taught you about personal responsibility when you where young?

And what are you passing on to the school-aged children in your life?

  • Summer homework done in advance.
  • School supplies taken care of in advance.

Teaching the upside of being done ahead of deadlines doesn’t happen until afterwards, say the first day or first week of school.

There are many adults who never tasted this enough to make it their default menu – ahead of time.

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  1. Jeff,

    My whole life I have been that person who does everything in advance of deadlines because I don’t like the stress of waiting to the last moment and I like having the flexibility of time should something need to be tweaked closer to the deadline. The problem has been for me when the entire rules or plans get changed on me after I have already done everything in advance. So I end up doing things twice (or more than that, depending on the indecisiveness of those over the plans) with my back against the wall of a deadline.

    So lately I have been torn – does it pay to work ahead, knowing it is going to cause me much greater frustration and having to do the job twice, or just wait (which is totally against my nature) so I only do it once? I feel like I am being punished for being proactive.


  2. Bob, maybe there’s a fairly creative solution (or admirable compromise) to this. Especially if it happens everytime.

    Use that knowledge to propel you to something even greater.

    Maybe what you organize for is a temple or que of some sort.

    Think massively different than normal. Okay?

    Often, these opportunities lead us to a breakthrough.

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