Organized to make this a 13 year after-school habit

Youngest USA Olympian Track & Field
Syd was 16 when she made the 2016 USA Olympic Team a few months ago.


USATF 2016 Annual meeting at Disney
Perspective and context at the Hilton near Disney Springs.


USATF 2016 meeting banners
Michelle Carter Rio Gold medalist in the shot put and Jackie Joyner-Kersee Athlete of the Year.


Masters Athlete of the year 2016
Irene is Masters Athlete of the year 2016. She’s 82 and won 8 gold medals at the 2016 Masters World Championships in Perth, Australia this Fall.


Organized to make this a 13-year after-school habit.

In 2003 i began hugging our son (now 16) every day after daycare, then after elementary school, then middle school, and now, high school.

It hit me yesterday as we did what we do every day before he gets in the car.

i’ve never seen another parent get out of their vehicle, do a hug and kiss (and quiet “I love you”), and then drive off.

Parent of the Year?





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