Live like you mean it

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Apple is the reining Olympic champion for uncharted territory.


Live like you mean it.

Was recently told, in a non-flattering tone, that i live each day like it’s my last.

No one really knows how this is supposed to work because it’s similar to being family with an astronaut – most of us aren’t.

It’s pioneering work, pressing the limits of what’s possible – uncharted territory as it were.




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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    When I read what you wrote, I saw two things going on in that interaction you had. One is observable – you do have a way of showing you are living like today is your last. That happens whether it is observed or not. But the second is the attitude of the observer – like everything, we can either 1) look at it favorably, 2) look at it unfavorably, or 3) ignore it all together. Sounds like the person took door #2. But why?

    I guess I am going on the premise that most people who look unfavorably at someone’s positive actions do so because they wish they could be that way and aren’t. So they shoot down the person standing in a positive position so they can feel better about the mud they are standing in. Instead of watching and learning, they are criticizing.

    This just struck me this morning. You aren’t living your life so others can feel good about themselves…you are living your life the way you are because of your own conviction.


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