Just when you think you know it all

Hurricane Irma path
At 5PM, Irma’s moving West. That wasn’t supposed to happen.


Hurricane Irma path
At 5AM, Irma’s moving even farther West.


Orlando wellness keynote speakers
Still taking the prescribed pills Dr Weinberger ordered in 1999. This one is called exercise. The other, diet.


Hurricane statistics
Wow, never before in history.


Hurricane Irma path
Almost “showtime”, as we say at Disney.


Dog kissing a person
Raleigh is two and he is thanking me for letting him ride out Hurricane Irma.


Just when you think you know it all, you don’t. Not by a long shot.

We went from Hurricane Irma targeting the Keys, to Irma turning around and potentially missing the United States completely, to it moving west again, and right over our home.

The latest has the eye just West of us which is called the “dirty side” – the strongest and most destructive side.

That’s where we line up with the latest update.

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