Dear Son, The Best Way To Understand Critical Importance Is To Look At The Opposite

Life's shelves will become filled quickly. Keep them as organized as possible.

Dear Son, getting and staying organized are pathetically under rated because it’s very difficult to master. Your motivation to figure out a great system should be firmly rooted in the fear of living life the opposite of organized.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Someone near and dear to me is terribly disorganized, but has put it on my shoulders to fix his paperwork mess. I can surely shuffle papers about and file them and keep calendars, but I’m concerned that my organization skills probably won’t fix the underlying problem…

    Do you have any advice, jeff noel?

  2. Natalie, a couple gut thoughts for anyone in a similar situation (and not limited to organizational skills):
    1. Can the person who’s good at it balance the other’s deficiencies? (and be paid for it, barter with it, or just give it away)
    2. In the big picture does it matter? A classic “be careful you could win the battle but lose the war”?
    3. Is this “characteristic” really a non-negotiable? And if so, what accountability, support, rewards for progress.
    4. And I always have to ask if the perpetrator is even aware of the extent the behavior is perceived by others (good or not so).
    5. Is it worth it for a neutral party to facilitate the issue, challenge, opportunity…. to clearly reveal the pros/cons and rewards/consequences?
    Okay, five things on short notice. 🙂
    Would love to know how it works out.

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