Dear memories

Disney Leadership author jeff noel
Kayla, a three-year Disney World Cast Member and Disney Traditions instructor, was waiting for a ride…6pm yesterday (Saturday) afternoon.


 Leadership author jeff noel
Kayla’s story was remarkable. i had the privilege to learn a little about it because i asked if she’d snap a couple photos.


Dear memories,

Eventually you teach (only) introspective people a valuable lesson:

Everyone is traveling through one of three places, and in between these three places are varying durations of clear, blue skies. Everyone you meet is either:

  1. Going through a hell no one knows about.
  2. Just came out of a hell no one knows about.
  3. Is about to go into a hell no one will know about.

The valuable lesson is this, we can make excuses, or we can learn and keep moving forward.


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