Caught off guard and learning a lot about myself

Seth Godin quote
Do what you fear and the death of that fear is certain.


One door opens, another closes.

Finding a project manager was a blessing. This opportunity produced a new website, some sales sheets, and some logo samples.

Dear Son you will find that opportunity sometimes creates challenges, as surely as challenges often create opportunity.

This is my first experience were opportunity has created a scenario that is stretching me in unexpectedly uncomfortable ways.

The upside? It helped me see how high my expectations are and how patient i need to be while discerning these:

  • Pay by the hour
  • Pay a salary
  • Hire a replacement

It frightens me that i may be the issue.

It gives me solace that i am a good and decent person, leaning always to the more-than-fair side of things.

Meanwhile, i am graciously transitioning from paying a monthly salary in advance of any work being done to paying two-weeks in advance of any work being done and then moving to a traditional practice of receiving a work-completed invoice – for review before paying.

Seems more than fair.




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