Being organized helps you recover from unexpected changes

Homemade Airline seat chart
Seating for five of us on one of this Summer’s Glacier National Park trips. This is what United was able to rearrange for the return flights – much better then before the call.


Being organized helps you recover from unexpected changes.

Went to add a fifth passenger to our trip itinerary and panicked.

Our return flight wasn’t available for Skylar.


Because the return flight from Kalispell, MT to Orlando, FL through Denver had changed – without notice.

Now, we don’t fly from Kalispell to Denver to Orlando. It’s been changed and has an added leg from Denver to Chicago and then on home to Orlando.

Our seats had been mismanaged from the original plan. A long call to United to request our seats be together like i had originally booked and it got sorted out pretty well.

Rather than be angry about the extra time and effort required on the return trip, i surrendered to the fact that we can afford the trip, etc, etc.


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