Be a noticer if you can spare the time

Hula guy
Love how this breaks the stereotype. Surprised i noticed it. It’s a Hula-guy, not a hula-girl.


Disney speakers
Referrals are gold.


Disney Speakers think differently
Here’s to the crazy ones…


Be a noticer if you can spare the time.

While i noticed the hula guy when i parked to pick up our Son after swim practice, i often don’t always notice the other two images that reside next to my desk.

But when i do notice those art pieces, i remember why i retired early from Disney.

PS. Similar, but not the point of this post, i noticed a lot of unhappy leaders at Disney. Many feel underpaid and underappreciated, secretly thinking they are worth much more than they get credit for. My advice? Leave. Start your own thing. See if you were right.

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