7 tips for your cultural presentation

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This is a way of life, a way of being.

7 tips for your cultural presentation:

  1. Your audience can’t wait to hear your exciting news about your Company’s cultural blueprints; your perfect opportunity to Wow them.
  2. An eager audience takes their cue from the presenter (that’s you); paint them an inspiring picture of the future that makes them feel special.
  3. Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm; sell it big.
  4. We are roughly 50/50 between your Company and jeff. Your Company’s focus is the content you’ve created. jeff’s focus is facilitating the application of your content to the audience’s daily life.
  5. You are collectively giving them a gift – a world-class toolkit.
  6. What you’re unveiling is not more work for them, it’s a toolkit to make the work they already do more compelling, focused, and productive.
  7. Bring your workbooks and ensure all attendees do as well.

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