You Have Only Two Choices

Make It A Big One
Make It A Big One

Seize the day.

Don’t seize the day.

You know, everyone has a tough life.

Television, movies and other media often trick us into thinking differently.

Get a grip on the day-to-day administrative chores you have, or life will bury you.

That’s what I tell myself every single day.

As soon as I feel I’m caught up, another pile of “to-do’s” arrives, almost laughing in my face.

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By jeff noel

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  1. As you already know, owning a business seems to double the “to do’s”. Can be overwhelming at times. Must be up for the challenge and some days I cave. What’s that saying? “If owning a business was easy, everyone would do it”.

  2. Donna,

    That can be applied to just about everything we do.

    “If losing weight was easy, . . . .”

    “If writing a blog was easy . . . . ”

    “If being a great father/mother was easy . . . .”

    We must persevere regardless of the chores that are a necessary part of life. You can win!

  3. Donna, you, cave? Hard to picture that, but it is incredibly challenging when you own it. Only an owner understands this.

    David, we must persevere. Our kids will get their inspiration, later in life, when it gets really hard, from our example.

    Let’s let them learn well from the rock of our foundation.

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