Which One?

Tough Choice In Hot Weather?
Tough Choice In Hot Weather?

If you had to go a summer day with only one, would you rather be without running water or air conditioning?

By jeff noel

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  1. Gutsy. can’t imagine the past two days without air conditioning here in Orlando.

    Our well pump stopped working on Sunday. No water for 24 hours. We used pool water to “shower” with.

    It was an interesting challenge to not panic and have fun with our unplanned inconvenience.

  2. Cheryl said if it would have been the AC, she would have stayed in a hotel. But it wasn’t the AC, our well stopped working.
    Only lasted 24 hours. Whew.
    Good thing we have a pool for a back up water supply. 🙂

  3. I’d say I’d go without the AC, though. As much as I rely on it. I’m a person who sweats while sitting still.
    However, I did grow up without it. Just had an attic exhaust fan (and incidentally, well water too).
    But still, that’s crazy with the pool water.
    Glad it’s all passed and didn’t last too long.

  4. Thanks for playing Craig.
    It’s thought-provoking, to me, to share a real life situation (in real time no less) and see what others would do or chose.
    We chose what happened. No water would definitely be easier for us than no AC.
    Plenty of drinking water. And plenty of pool water and privacy. 🙂

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