Two things that are just sickening when you think about them

Buca di Beppo Italian restaurant interior
Buca di Beppo Italian restaurants have a unique character that’s fun to explore


Infant flipping the middle finger to photographer
As funny as it is sickening, no?


Two things that are just sickening when you think about them:

  1. how challenging it is to stay organized without being compulsive
  2. how many motivational speakers are out there with compelling theories

What do we do?

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  1. Jeff,

    Trust me – that latter one is one that has always bothered me. I love being in a position of a professional speaker – it is the teacher in me. But I always look around and go, “How can I do this when there are so many others on the street, vying for the
    attentions of an audience?”

    So yes, what do you do? The key is to find your niche…what makes your message different, unique, unrepeatable by others, and is desired to heard? It is a thing to ponder.


  2. Bob, thanks for jumping in on this.

    Most of us forget how long it took Zig Ziglar to create his captivating and motivating platform.

    Decades if I’m not mistaken.

    He found a way to push through.

    Everyone starts out with theory, because that’s all we really have, until we push through long enough that from our theories, we’ve got real experience.

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