The mundane, boring rhythm of life’s upkeep

Palm tree trimming
Annual palm tree trimming. Trees center left are next.


Some chores require daily attention and we are the only ones who can do them.

Other chores happen weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually.

Some require experts to complete.

Annual tree trimming seems insignificant until you remember that next month is the peak month for Hurricane season (June 1 – Nov 30).

There are some chores we do once in a lifetime, maybe. One of those was yesterday. A phone call (from Epcot) with the guy that produces Lee Cockerell’s podcasts.

Will it lead to me doing podcasts? It’s a pricy proposition. How do you organize yourself to calculate the risk versus reward?

Oh, and one more chore. Bought a new Macbook two days ago. It’s still in the box.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    I’m in technology sales and travel northern and northwest Indiana three to four days a week, and for over ten years have been listening to podcasts. Lee’s is one of them, and he and Jody do a great job. I listen to a couple other business/personal development podcasts, and a number of Disney Parks fan podcasts. Folks like Lee and Lou Mongello have used their podcasts to build their brands and their communities. I’m a big fan of podcasts because I can hear the passion in the people’s stories. If you have a podcast I know you have a community that would ready to continue to soak-up your passion!

    Have an amazing weekend!


  2. Brian, first, i appreciate you taking time to (read and) comment. There is a lot of hype about the benefits of this platform or that social media platform. i’ve heard it all. There’s a ton of theory and “best practices”.

    When you own your own business, you are in a different game than when you worked for someone else. You have to create your own brand, take your own risks, spend your own time and money. If you’ve never done it, it’s an incredible eye-opening experience. You make a lot of mistakes. You carry a lot of fear of trying new (different, counter-culture) things because everything you do has a consequence. And your ideas might not work.

    Theory goes out the window.

    All you have is what you try and what you learn from trying.

    i shy away from the industry standard practices.


    We have the choice to pick one of two: Become the best in an existing category, or to become the category.

    All of my business comes from recommendations and referrals.

    Would you pay a per-usage fee, a monthly fee, or an annual fee to listen to the podcasts you’ve described?

    Thank you Brian for the thought-provoking dialogue. i hope i have returned the favor. 🙂

  3. YES! Good thoughts and a lot of good insight. So far, I have never paid to listen to a podcast, though I know of a few. I think I would pay if I truly valued the creator of the content or it was the only way to get the content. Have a great weekend!

  4. I had breached this the other week, with you. Funny how this post was a couple weeks away. I had envisioned a model more like Seth Godin’s Startup School (only 15 episodes) when I thought of you. Nothing ongoing. Just a very limited offering to give a small taste, but still something that can be valued by the audience.

  5. Podcast – no (by nature, they’re free and subscription based)
    Something similar – Yes
    I’ve got some thoughts on this that I want to get organized and typed out. I will get them composed and sent to you sometime, this weekend.
    For now, we’re headed over to watch the Buckeyes with some friends. 🙂
    Enjoy your Saturday!

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