Motivation is as motivation does

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motivation is as motivation does


Motivation is as motivation does.

And life is art.

And we are the artist.

There are very few people who understand and fully appreciate the motivation – and even more remarkably, the ability to deliver every single day – to never miss a day doing their art.

Find a million ways to stay motivated.

And a million ways to do what we say we’re gonna do.

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  1. Motivation. My car had to go into the shop. No biggie, as I usually ride my bike to work. Leaving the house early, taking a longer route to seek out a few hills. But now, I have to ride my bike to work. And it shouldn’t matter; but strangely knowing I have no choice in the matter, I’m caught aback. Interesting.

  2. Yes, and, Patty. That you have a bike. That you can ride it easily. That your boss is ok with it. These are all blessings that might actually crush a less prepared and less grateful person.

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