How Was Your Day?

Pick A Stone, Any Stone
Pick A Stone, Any Stone

Were you insanely busy today?

Were you frustrated at the volume of your work? The pressure from your deadlines?

Did anything cool happen? An unexpected nice thing?

What’s keeping you afloat right now? Where do you get your strength? Your hope?

Are you a leader in this regard?  Or do you rely on others?

Are you ready for tomorrow? You know why I’m asking, right?

Because tomorrow will not wait for you, nor me, to be ready. And neither will the day after that.

PS. Today’s second post. (9:30pm Orlando time)

By jeff noel

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  1. Crazy busy yesterday. Computer wasn’t ready at work when I got there. Wanted an earlier start. Finally got it done.

    Got home to pack for the trip. Took longer. Traffic wasn’t too bad. But missed our exit. Took longer.

    Realized I forgot to pack underwear. The “plan” changed all day. Had to adapt. Reprioritize. Still stayed focused on the goal. And made it.

  2. You left the house without underwear?

    You weren’t wearing underwear this morning?

    Glad you were able to adapt.

    No underwear, we can survive. No computer (gasp) seems impossible.

  3. LOL. Had one pair . . . the one I was wearing. What made me think of it was adapting our style from “commando” to laid back. I said the word and remembered.

    Great seeing you today. Saw the other members of the race. They looked focused and were oblivious to other guests around them while performing.

  4. Hope by today you can say you have more than one pair.
    yes, it’s challenging to go from corporate person to vacation person in one day.
    Takes me a week (seriously) to slow down enough to be ready to “relax”.

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