His Business Card Said


Could you sum up your life in one word?

Most likely, this is a question that doesn’t cross your mind, certainly not for very long anyway.

What’s stopping you from at least being open to the question?

My Dad was always self-employed. He also had a full-time gig at the Paper Mill. After he died, my Step Mom gave me one of his business cards from when he was a young man. The phone number was five digits.  His title: Drummer.

In answering my own question, “Teacher“.

In fact, I’ve got to go give a speech right now.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I believe my calling is summed up in the word of “Teacher” as well!

    I remember in high school, I had teachers (yes, teachers) say to me, “You are too smart to go into teaching. You could do so much more.” That was really paradoxical, considering two things in my mind at the time: 1) teachers are telling me I was too smart to go into their own profession, so did that make them less intelligent than I had thought, and 2) was my education sub-par because my “subject matter experts” (the teachers) chose a path they carved out for less intelligent folks? But I realized later the difference once I became a teacher – I was in teaching because I have a love for it, not because it was a “safe and easy path.” But like you, Jeff, I have taken mine to the corporate level, but I am still a teacher, regardless of the corporate lingo of “trainer” or “presenter.”

    All in all, I am still a teacher.


  2. Marine…with a bunch of subcategories.

    I’m still here reading your blogs each morning.

    I just haven’t been as vocal lately.

    Figured I’d let someone else step up and comment.

  3. Bob, strange advice it seems. However, maybe there’s an insight that’s hidden in their “strange advice”.
    Any thoughts?

  4. Well, I know one said, “You have the ability to be an engineer and make more money than a teacher would.” And yes, that is true. But being an engineer isn’t my passion.

  5. So do you think they were driven by money?
    Where they wise or unwise to advise such a young mind as yours to go after the money?
    I didn’t hear you say anything about them saying anything about job satisfaction, the ability to make a difference or doing what you love.

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