Does 911 still move you, or have you moved on?

constant, relentless surveillance
constant, relentless surveillance

Does 911 still move you, or have you moved on?

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  1. Jeff, 911 still moves me, but in a different way now. Earlier on, I would cry to think of the horror of that day, and every time an airplane flew over, I had the recurring vision of planes slamming into buildings. I grieve the loss of life on that day and in the eleven years we have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring freedom to their people, eleven years of making the world a safer place for everyone.

    Eleven years ago, America was united in our resolve to defend our nation and to do whatever it takes to move forward. What saddens me now is that loss of unity. We have once again become mired down in political dissension and governmental stalemates. And the War on Terror drags on and on, though the President promises that we’ll have all the troops home in 2014.

    Freedom isn’t free. But thankfully, we are still the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  2. Natalie (sorry for delayed reply), you have a higher stake in peace and war. You know the subliminal fear of a ringing phone at any time could bring unwanted news.

    Was At ground Zero two nights ago. I wanted to cry and felt like crying, but inexplicably, didn’t.

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