Details are a virus

QuickBooks mail in receipts
A new feature from Quickbooks – mail them your receipts and they will automatically link it to the expense charge. One more way to become more efficient. How? The receipt happens in real time. The charge takes days to hit your account – this time-lapse creates the need for a search for every receipt for every charge. Nothing outrageous, but over time, takes time. Now i can send the receipt the day i take the photo. No more searching days later.


Details are a virus.

The paperwork of life – as CEO of You, Inc. – never stops.

This irrefutable fact does one of two things to people.

It buries them and causes lifelong stress.

It motivates them to find organized and scalable solutions.

It’s challenging work either way.

One way causes suffering.

One way causes freedom from this type of suffering.

PS. So far, Quickbooks has not delivered on the promise.


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