Dear readers, what do you wish you would have asked?

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The most important things revolve around learning (books) and memories (photos)


What’s the most influential question you ask yourself when deciding what stuff to keep and what to purge?

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  1. Patty, is it that easy?
    Does the, “do I have a use for it?” mean at any point between now and when I die?
    Does the, “is there an emotional tie?” seem too broad?
    Asking because in my world I could see me making those observations, and balking at donating, recycling or trashing.

  2. This morning after reading this blog I was finally able to recycle my Quantum Mechanics from my post doc days 23 years ago. Would I ever use them again…. Probably not. Emotional tie… Oh yes, it was a very exciting time in my life but… No need to hold on to them anymore. Life us good now. Today. Also recycled some old reading books that were just occupying space.

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