You can observe a lot from one little trick

Parking lot numbers
Yesterday at Windermere Prep.


Parking lot numbers
Walking towards the track yesterday morning.


You can observe a lot from one little trick:

Paying attention.

In a random moment walking through a High School parking lot yesterday morning, a Sunday, the (empty) parking lot numbers caught my eye.

The first photo has gotten me to today, age 56.

The second photo represents a deadline that’s tempting to forget.

No male on my Dad’s side has lived past 60.

What motivates you and does it still light your fire?

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  1. Mine is similar, but different.
    Every last bit of focus was on the kids and not on own health. Now, participation in family physical activity (i.e. Walks in parks) is pretty limited. I’d like to, hopefully, put myself in a place where walking down a hill doesn’t limit family time.

  2. Craig, life is challenging. And what’s fair about it is that life is unfair to everyone.

    Ultimately, we are in charge of our situation and we either make a habit of discovering (which can sometimes take years, or longer) solutions, or we make a habit of discovering excuses.

    At least that’s been my personal experience. Wisdom comes from experience, ad experience comes from making mistakes.

  3. Exactly. And who’s to say that there weren’t unselfish benefits gained from previous behaviors, either. That’s the beauty of life.
    Of to run…

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