The clock to 60 is ticking louder

Swimming pool in Florida
Upper left quadrant, a reminder that the iPhone spent the night at the bottom. Photo taken at 5am. (PS. Pool lights are on a timer.)


The clock to 60 years old is ticking louder.

Two days ago my son and i had a deep conversation about friends. He struggles to make new friends at school. And school isn’t structured to facilitate social interaction. This is typical when you are a brand new freshman and not involved in extracurricular activities.

Told him if you die with five really good friends you are a rich man.

On yesterday’s run i decided near the end that when i got home i was going to reduce my friends on Facebook. Went from 414  to 257. The goal is 200. For now.

The criteria? Would i go to their funeral and/or share with the family something special about our relationship? A yes for nearly everyone.

Criteria two? Would the friend reciprocate? Right, wrong or indifferent, that’s what i used.




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