Present and mindful

sermon note taking piece
What if? Such a great question.

Present and mindful is a go-to habit for every second of every day.


Being present is a great tool for shedding life’s negativity.


Son, you will encounter milestones when you question people you have always trusted. Your friends will present to you behavior you never saw coming. Take your surprise and simply trust.


Trust the Universe, God, Karma, or whatever positive energy you believe in.

Do not cry out nor try to defend yourself, for wisdom teaches it will only enlarge the surprise.

Thank God for the present moment.

The blessing is unexpected truth-revelation.

Be remarkably grateful.

The long haul with Covid’s impact (the great resignation, mask/no mask, vax/no vax, etc, various locally shared issues, personal issues, and now WW3 looming with Russia…life, worry, fear, anxiety…humanity is being crushed by the never-ending weight of world order and decency disappearing.

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