Time to kill and not enough time

The Devil We Know
The Devil We Know…had time to watch the trailer, from the makers of Fed Up (Fast Food industry dirty secrets and lies).


The Devil We Know
The Devil We Know is coming out soon.


The Devil We Know
The Devil We Know…IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns…no cure yet).


Disney Keynote Speakers
One of many small acts in the paperwork of life yesterday.


Amazon fail
One more thing to do…track down the refund that should have come automatically.


The 30 minute ride home took nearly two hours.


Cypress Center theater
Steve Lyng, Headmaster elect for 2019-2020.


Tim Elmore
Tim Elmore, a faculty-favorite speaker.


Tim Elmore
Tim Elmore using a performance technique.


Tim Elmore
Tim Elmore…7:00-8:40PM last night.


Disney founding date
Yesterday, October 16, it all began for Walt and Roy in 1923.



The devil is in the details.

The paperwork of life.

Plus, continuous learning.

Constant creativity.

Managing our time.

Every day.

All day.

PS. And a decent dose of raising a family, running a business, staying healthy, helping others, and staying positive.


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