The Effort’s The Same

How Do You Keep Your Fire Alive?
How Do You Keep Your Fire Alive?

Work hard to get organized. Work hard to stay organized.


Worry a lot about not being organized. Worry a lot about how much work it is.

In either case, the effort, the workload, is the same.

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  1. Yeah it did.
    I’ve surrounded myself with the right tools, but always get *!squirrel!*…

    huh? oh…hi.

    Yeah…I never keep a consistent system, constantly getting distracted by another one. The biggest help to me has by my Day-Timer. Inspired by a Time Management pdf sent to me by one Mr. Cockerell.
    I used to think that my love of technology meant that I needed to use an electronic organizer. But, the biggest help has been writing it down.
    Unfortunately, the advanced planning part hasn’t stuck yet. I merely just record information in real-time.
    Planning is key. I know it is. Gotta get there…

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