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Sing Like No One Is Listening...
Sing Like No One Is Listening...

Carpe diem!

Will you be remarkable today?

Will you do work that matters?

It’s always your choice, and your choice alone.

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  1. I will see these guys on Wednesday. That’s Steve, Kevin, Philip(?) and Dirk. They often sing as people pass by. Sometimes they stop and listen. Sometimes I get to sing one with them.

    Same goes for our business. We open the doors, offer product/service and sometimes people stop by and listen. If we were remarkable, they would stop by more often and invite their friends.

  2. And as I found out today, the third guy from the left is Ken.

    Sang with them and got it on video. Trying now to upload.

    If I did it more often, it might be easier.

    Kinda like blogging. 🙂

  3. Yep. After 200+ You Tube uploads, it’s like riding a bike.
    You’re getting there.
    Good night.
    Long day.
    Good day. Gave a speech (an all-day one) to change the world.

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