Love Affair With Technology

Know what you get when you keep your software up to date?

You get opportunity. For a buck, Apple’s face time app is available.

It’s like Skype, only easier.

For those of you who struggle to keep up with it all, welcome to the club. Let’s inspire each other to press on, even when overwhelmed (which is daily).

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  1. I know you know this quote, but it came up yesterday during the Boston Brain Tumor Ride: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
    — Mother Teresa

    Daily, when life gets overwhelming, do the small tasks with great love, and the pressure falls to the wayside, a loving step at a time.

  2. The mantra for attending World Youth Day in Madrid this August is: It’s a pilgrimage, not a vacation. There is no complaining on a pilgrimage.

    Yesterday while riding I quickly drew a parallel between the ride and a pilgrimage, for it wasn’t a vacation. But it was inspiring, empowering, fulfilling, downright wonderful., and a blessing shared with my dear friend.

  3. Jeff, which APP allowed you to get the boarding pass? Sharing what you already know, what a great idea.

  4. Donna, I just have as a bookmark. My home screen lets me check in with an option to receive an email or a text. I choose the text, which contains a link that displays the bar code.

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