Like the unstoppable movement of the Ocean’s tide

Logi Circle home security cameras
Each company offers something slightly different. It’s interesting to experience it rather than reading about it.


Philips Hue digital home life systems
Philips Hue home systems offer wireless lightbulbs. Wow.


Like the unstoppable movement of the Ocean’s tide, our to-do list ebbs and flows.

But mostly it flows.


Because we are creative thinkers, and we never cease to have ideas – ideas that can make our life’s challenges get better or go away.

And in this never-ending idea generation, we forget the basics and we forget simplicity.

Because we forget, we continuously overwhelm ourselves.

And so it goes.

PS. Just look at your inbox or desk if you need proof. The basics? Keep our in box empty. Keep our desk uncluttered. Everyday.

Ps. There will be exceptions. Be extremely cautious though, exceptions have an insidious way of becoming the standard.




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