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What Time Would You Like Your Wakeup Call?
What Time Would You Like Your Wakeup Call?

Do you love being motivated every day?

I do.

I know it annoys some people, which I in return, find annoying.

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  1. You crack me up!

    This reminds me of something similar (but way off topic) for me. I am really annoyed with people, who are annoyed with fans of local sports teams, who become fans of the rival teams, just to spite the local fans. I’m fine if you want to be a fan of a team. But being one out of spiteful reasons just doesn’t hold water.

    Like I said…off topic. Eh, oh well.

    I guess it could also be said for those that are (spitefully) against social media because they’re annoyed with it’s popularity. There are viable reasons for its usefulness, regardless of how culture has changed over the past 100 years.

  2. We all have to make choices, and live with them.

    Even those who choose not to decide, still have made a choice.

  3. Speaking of technology advances…I know people who still refuse to use debit cards or direct deposit….and they have major attitude about it. I just shake my head (internally).

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