How’s Your Fire?

How is the fire that burns inside you?

Some people call it passion.

Some hate it. Heretics, they mumble!

Such is life.

When you look back, will you regret pulling the plug on your passion?

Now that’s heretical.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I am actively trying to follow my passion – amazing, though, how work keeps getting in the way! LOL But seriously, since I am not able to quite experience my passion in my “day job,” I get to teach college classes in the evenings from time to time as a “passion fix.” That helps me to keep the logs on the fire that burns inside of me.


  2. Bob, I say to everyone, including myself, “Find a millions ways to stay motivated”.

    Be creative.

    Often, the solution we seek is so much easier than we could have imagined. The hard part? To keep searching. And, to not pass by the obvious.

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