How Much Comes At You?

Day to day, how much comes at you?

Have you spoken to anyone recently that has it all together?

My point exactly.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I was thinking about that at church this weekend. There are so many folks at church that look like they have it all together. Yet, the reality is that people are in 3 places in life: going through something, just got through something, or are about to go through something. The first group needs someone to come along side them to help them. The second group can help those going through things to know how to make it through. And the third group – the ones when things are going well and don’t realize they are getting ready to go through something – should be the ones to come along side the first group to help. Soon it may be their turns for some needed help.

    The bottom line is that we need each other…no one person truly has it so much together that they aren’t in need of others. We have flaws – we aren’t perfect.

    Bob (from the SNOWY Atlanta area)

  2. Bob, brilliant. Spot on. A blinding flash of the obvious for most people. May I remind you that your Guest Posts are welcomed, valued, and missed…

    PS. It’s cold here too…forcasted high of 76 degrees, but with the clouds and wind-chill, it feels like it’s in the 60’s….brrrrrr…

  3. Jeff,

    Well, those who don’t realize it have lived their lives so sheltered that they have yet to really experience the ups and downs of life. But sheltering can’t always protect you from life…only delays the stings of life.

    Thank you – I enjoy putting together guest posts for your blog!

    I feel for you, with that 70s temps. I miss the 70s right now, as it is in the 20s here, and I am still snowed in for 5 inches on the ground. I thought this was HOTlanta? 🙂 But you know, it did make for some great snow cream!

    Have a great one!


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