Here’s The Challenge With

How Do You Get Your Foot In The Door?
How Do You Get Your Foot In The Door?

The challenge with resumes is two fold:

  1. They’re inflated
  2. They sound the same

This was my point with the post about LinkedIn profiles the other day.

Of course, everyone looking for a job is going to say, “I’m very smart. I’m really bright. I’m so smart.”

I mean, seriously, what else are they going to say?

They All Start To Look The Same
They All Start To Look The Same

So if there’s a sea of silver and white (smart) fish, how do you become the rainbow (desirable) fish? The one that people go, “Did you see that fish?”

If I were you, I’d go change your profile right now. Or else you can just keep swimming, just keep swimming….because…

The More You See, The Worse It Gets
The More You See, The Worse It Gets

It’s tempting to think, “Who the heck does he think he is telling me I should change my LinkedIn Profile, or my Resume? My professional resume and LinkedIn profile are fine.”

To which I just smile and so, “Oh, okay, sorry, what was I thinking?”

Seriously, Go Change Your Profile
Seriously, Go Change Your Profile

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  1. So what do I say?

    I have no college degree. I didn’t start at Disney when I was 18 so I could work my way up from within the organization. But I know in my heart I would be a great fit! How do I show my heart without ripping it out of my chest and make a mess all over the place?

    Excellent suggestion. I just have to find a way to become the purple cow.

  2. Thanks Donna and David. You are early-birds. Love it!

    David, I do have a degree, in Corporate Recreation & Fitness.

    Boy, does that open up leadership opportunities.

    Can you just hear a corporate interviewer looking at my old resume, “Hey, we’ll call you if we need to start a gym class.”

  3. PS. David, if it where easy to be a Purple Cow, there’d be a ton of them.

    It isn’t easy, which is why they are so remarkable when you see one.

  4. I feel you David! (I have a music degree, with no intentions of performing or teaching.) I had to go and get an associates to make myself more viable.
    Oh, and my heart lies in IT. So, there ya go…
    I’ve always dreamed of working at WDW too, but I missed the boat on the college program. Actually, the dream was to “live” at WDW. That falls into the “childhood dreams category.

    Be strong Brother!

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