Finally realized why it’s tough to commit sometimes

Business meeting outside a Publix
This breakfast meeting two days ago lasted three hours, because neither was over-scheduled.


A friend is bringing his lovely family from Ohio to Walt Disney World in two weeks. And it is in our trying to schedule time together that a blind spot was revealed just a few minutes ago while waiting for the microwave to finish heating a cup of water.

He’s here for one week. i’m out of town for three days, leaving us four days, including two weekend days, which i try to keep for Family. When you are out of town, your schedule is busier for a few days after you return, simply because you were out of town. You miss three days of normal daily chores. So you add those in upon your return and they appear on days where they normally don’t – so several normal busy days become busier busy days.

i’d like to play it by ear. He’d like to know in advance.

With his visit, time is exceptionally precious because he’s at WDW attempting to make the most of every minute.

On the other hand, i’m at WDW (home) too, but i’m trying to not over schedule my days because too many unexpected things happen. Having white space allows for them.

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