Drive to airport at 5:15am, Derby party by 5:15pm

He (14) was decently organized and began packing two days prior to yesterday’s 5:15am departure from home. So at 4:30am it was easy to jump in the shower and then grab his roller bag and small (and light) backpack.


Packing for middle school class trip
Visually seeing what you need is easier with a simple process.


Photo below is at 6:15am. All accounted for and ready to check luggage and head for breakfast. Only one student is missing – unable to attend. Up next? Eight days in California.


Montessori World Middle School class trip 2015
Montessori Middle school California class trip May 2-8, 2015


Later in the day, after a nap, we transitioned to a 23-year neighborhood tradition at Mikki and Joel’s amazingly casual, elegantly refreshing Florida home.


Mikki Maurer
The hostess and the bookie


Florida casual lifestyle
Three sets of collapsable sliding glass doors invite the outside in.


Florida relaxed lifestyle
Almost race time.


It was the final neighborhood Derby party. Their home is for sale and they’re moving to the beach.


2015 Kentucky Derby homestretch photo


Giddy up.

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